”As professional as it gets” 7/10

–Ron Dahlgren-


“The first thing that hit me was the expressiveness of Therese Thomsson’s vocals. “Kill My Only

Enemy” is one powerhouse of a debut.” 88/100

–Tony Cannella-


”I’d say they sound like a heavier relative of Within Temptation, but with their own identity.

Singer Therese Thomsson has great vocal capacities and she thankfully avoids the Nightwishian opera style wailing, but adds a few well placed growls instead, and they are few and far between. Well worthchecking out!”

–Janne Stark-


”Taking over the female fronted metal scene in Sweden, Disdained is well on their way to great

success. Disdained shows a lot of talent and great musicianship in “Kill My Only Enemy.

The recording quality is excellent as well as the song writing and vocal performance.

The album gives you a little bit of everything.

You get the gorgeous female clean vocals mixed with some interesting devilish female

growls. The tempos jump up and down constantly and flow well within each song.

Definitely make sure you check this album out!” 9/10



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